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“Hear what our customers
say about us“

Highly useful and easy

Emaillistvalidation have was able to solve our worries of hard and soft bounces with ease. All the bad domains and accounts was identified and dismissed with ease. i can say it is a perfect solution that we have come across till date.

Tony A

Got high email deliverability after…

Got high email deliverability after cleansing our email database with EmailListValidation, to our surprise many emails that we thought were valid were actually harming our email deliverability. Thanks EmailListValidation.

Raksha Malhotra

Affordable tool

The overall suit of email verification service is well designed that suits every business.

We had hell lot of duplicates account; Email list validation did a great job in eliminating each one of them.

Niel Jack

Delivers what promised

Impressed with simple yet highly effective email list srubbing service. To our surprise no invalid email accounts were left in our email list after validating it through email list validation

Rafina B

Cleaned all the bad emails in the list effectively

Too many bad emails in the list were hurting email campaigns; list was cleaned effectively by ELV that now has the bounces within specified limit. Thanks to EmailListValidation

Patrick Szabo

Best for improving email deliverability

EmailListValidation have done a great job by improving our email deliverability rates. The service was excellent in detecting all sort of junk emails from our email database.

Alis Moore

Got good email verification results

certainly did a great job in removing temporary and bad emails from the list, which we were considering valid till now.

Recommended tool, fair price and great service.

Daniel Elgar

Amazing features offered by Email List…

Amazing features offered by Email List Validation; certainly adds value in better email marketing by cleaning database with ease and quick turnaround time.

Paul McCarthy

Loved the risk validation feature

EmailListValidation is our rescue tool in getting through the email deliverability issues. Must have tool for minimiing the bounces from email campaigns

Sarkar Ugesh

Helpful in sending email marketing…

Helpful in sending email marketing campains to the email accounts that are actuall deliverable. Saved a lot on mailing cost with EmailListValidation.

Rashmi Sinha

Satisfied with the results

Satisfied with the results. EmailListValidation will be my go tool everytime I need to clean-up my email list with just few clicks. 10 on 10!

Martin Garcia

Must have tool for ecommerce store

The email validation API has helped us immensely in detectting and removing fake email accounts before they get in to our list. Good service

Kevin D